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2018 [Drama] Final Cut Episode 9 subs up!

That's it, folks. Subs for episode 9 of Final Cut are up! A combination of life being extremely busy and the episode being extremely long meant that the final one took us a while, but here you go, find the subs at the masterpost and enjoy!


Heads-up: because some things got clearer as the drama progressed, we'll most likely go back to the old eps and fix some mistakes we found after the fact and standardize some phrases. (Like the non-licenced daycare. *g* We really learned a lot more about the Japanese daycare system than we ever expected from a Kame drama >_>) If you found any issues or mistakes we might want to look at on a second review pass, please let us know!

Thanks to the folks who were supportive and understanding as we kept posting these subs - we didn't have time to reply to the comments but we really appreciated the support!

- Your subbing team solo, jo_lasalle, and frameofmind6

With thanks to mazauric for letting us bug her with finicky things and QC.
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Heads-up: Final Cut subs delay

20180213 FINAL CUT 第6話.mkv_20180311_170434.981

Hi guys! Just a heads-up: episode 7 is currently a bit delayed because everyone in the subbing group had a super exhausting week, and the ep being longer doesn't help. We're on 3rd pass/layout and hope to still get it out before we go on vacation, but we wanted to let you know what's going on!

Speaking of vacation: because solo, jo_lasalle and frameofmind6 are travelling to Japan next week for a few of Jin's concerts, subs for episodes 8 and 9 will be delayed. We're sorry about this, especially with how the plot is revving up, but we hope you understand that when we're in Japan we want to be out and about, not holed up in our hotel rooms over our laptops, subbing. *^_^*

Hope to see you soon for episode 7 subs!
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2018 [Drama] Final Cut (English subtitles)

Final Cut (2018)

Subs by solo & jo_lasalle & frameofmind6

With thanks to mazauric for fine-tuning help and QC!

Files are timed to RAWS HD 720p - K-A-N 奈奈 files, which you can find on kame_world.

Episode 1: Mega DL
Episode 2: Mega DL
Episode 3: Mega DL
Episode 4: Mega DL
Episode 5: Mega DL
Episode 6: Mega DL
Episode 7: Mega DL
Episode 8: Mega DL
Episode 9: Mega DL

20180130 FINAL CUT 第4話.mkv_20180218_152951.189

Subbers' note: This drama has a lot of complicated plots-within-plots, and we're still learners of Japanese. If you disagree with our translations and interpretations, or find any mistakes, feedback is always welcome!

Continuity note, ep 4: we've changed the translation for the kind of daycare Keisuke's mother ran (無認可) from 'unlicenced' to 'non-certified' because 'unlicenced daycare' sounds like it might be illegal or off-the-books, when it's just a specific form of private daycare. We'll adjust the phrasing in earlier episodes on a final edit. Just so you're not confused, they're still talking about the same daycare facility.

Do not steal these subtitles for use on commercial sites. If you want to repost them anywhere, please get in touch with us so we know what's where! ^_^

haikusociety admin note: yeah, this is normally a fic comm. For now there's going to be some subtitles for a while. We figure anyone watching this comm on the regular doesn't mind. >_>